Pakistan's First PhD Lady

bbqureshiShould We Be Surprised That Pakistan's First PhD Lady Remained Single All Her Life N Spent Her Last Days At Edhi Center As A Homeless Person? And Does It Say Anything About Us As A Society?
According to Admin Edhi page;
"BB Qureshi, one of Pakistan’s first few women to earn a PhD degree, was born into an educated family in Muradabad, India in 1922. She did her BA and MA Economics from Aligarh University. After partition, her family moved to Rawalpindi where Qureshi taught economics at a government college. She taught for several years in Africa and had the honour of having taught the former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, in Ghana. She completed her PhD in agricultural economics from Trinity College in Dublin.
Qureshi remained single her whole life. When she finally returned to Islamabad after years of teaching abroad, she was so disappointed at the standard of education that she decided not to teach anymore. Her brother did not treat her well and she shifted to Karachi and lived in Edhi Centre for homeless women in North Karachi"


Terrorism not in the name of Islam

We strongly condemn the barbaric attack that took place on the 16/12/14 in Peshawar Pakistan and the incident in Sydney Australia.

The Taliban militants and these self-styled militants do not represent secular Islam and wider Muslim community distances itself from these insane individuals.

To justify the killings of innocent children young people they blame the western governments, when in fact their disgusting ideology is to blame

We all need actively work together to bring terrorism to end, "Terrorism not in the name of Islam please"

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families who have lost loved ones and we stand alongside them during this difficult time.

We will be holding a candle light vigil at the Peace Pagoda Willen Lake Sat 20th Dec 6pm which will be open all residents of MK.

We pray for peace and unity in all mankind.


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